We regularly offer a number of Bachelors and Masters-level classes in computer vision and machine learning, as well as classes from the introductory computer science curriculum. Additionally, we offer various research-oriented seminars and practical labs most of which require having taken or concurrently taking the respective introductory class (lecture). Furthermore, we offer term projects and Bachelors and Masters thesis projects in these areas.

Name Module Type Last taught
Computer Vision I 20-00-0157-iv IV4 WiSe 22/23
Computer Vision II 20-00-0401-iv IV4 SoSe 23
Statistical Machine Learning 20-00-0358-iv IV4 SoSe 21
Rechnerorganisation 20-00-0902-iv SoSe 23
Name Module Type Last taught
Visual Computing Lab 20-00-0418-pr P4 SoSe 23
Advanced Visual Computing Lab 20-00-0537-pr P4 SoSe 23
Deep Learning in Computer Vision 20-00-0980-pp PP6 WiSe 22/23
Advanced Topics in CV and ML 20-00-0645-se S2 WiSe 22/23

Open thesis topics are regularly posted here . You need to log-in using your TU-ID In order to be able to access them.

If you are a TU Darmstadt student interested in doing a thesis project in computer vision and/or machine learning, please read our guidelines before contacting us.