Application Guidelines

We are always looking for excellent and motivated students and postdocs who are interested in working on problems at the forefront of computer vision and machine learning. Below we have compiled some information for prospective students. Please be sure to have read this before inquiring and/or applying!

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Even if there are no formal postdoc openings posted, we still invite recent or soon-to-be PhD graduates with similar research interests to apply. A strong publication record in the top vision and/or learning conferences (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, NIPS, ICML, UAI) is a prerequisite.

In general, we are looking for PhD students with excellent analytical skills that are highly-motivated, curious, and creative. PhD applicants should have a Master's degree (or equivalent) in computer science, mathematics, or a closely related field with an outstanding academic record. Prior research experience as well as a background in computer vision and/or machine learning are a plus, but general aptitude including solid mathematical and programming skills are more important. A good working knowledge of probability and statistics is a further plus. We do not require knowledge of German, but expect strong English skills.

Even if there are no formal openings posted, we still encourage strong applicants to apply. However, we expect sincere applicants to have looked at our lab's research & publications prior to applying.

If you are interested in joining TU Darmstadt for a Masters degree, please do not contact us, but rather apply directly after having informed yourself about the degree programs and admissions criteria. If you are interested in focusing on computer vision and machine learning, you should consider the focused Masters program in AI & Machine Learning (taught in English), the Masters program in Computer Science with specialization in Visual Computing (taught in English), or the Masters program in Informatik (taught in German). Note that TU Darmstadt itself does not offer funding for Masters students, however outstanding candidates can apply for a scholarship through the Zuse School ELIZA after they have been admitted by TU Darmstadt.

(for TU Darmstadt students only)

If you are already enrolled in a Bachelors or Masters program at TU Darmstadt and would like to work on a thesis project in computer vision or machine learning with us, please refer to the topics posted on our website or information board (Piloty building, floor A3 in front of room A304) and get in touch with the person offering the specific topic. Since most topics require prior knowledge of vision and learning, we strongly encourage interested students to take at least some of the relevant computer vision and machine learning classes at TU Darmstadt.

(for Darmstadt area students only)

If you are interested in a student assistant (HiWi) position, please get in touch by email or come to Prof. Stefan Roth's office hours. Since most topics require prior knowledge of vision and learning, interested students should have taken at least some of the relevant computer vision and machine learning classes at TU Darmstadt.

We do not offer paid or unpaid short-term internships (1-3 months). Please do not contact us regarding internship opportunities in our lab; unfortunately, we are unable to reply to such requests.