About us

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About us

TU Darmstadt downtown campus (Photo: Nikolaus Heiss) – © Nikolaus Heiss
TU Darmstadt downtown campus (Photo: Nikolaus Heiss)

The Visual Inference Lab was founded in 2007 by Prof. Stefan Roth and is part of the Department of Computer Science at TU Darmstadt in Darmstadt, Germany.

TU Darmstadt is one of the leading technical universities in Germany. Its Computer Science department consistently ranks among the top 5 in Germany. TU Darmstadt offers a quite unique environment for research in computer vision, with 3 full-time faculty and 4 adjunct faculty in visual computing at large, 4 full-time faculty in robotics and learning, as well as ample interaction across the group boundaries.

Our lab page lists all present members, past members are shown on our alumni page. Please see our job listings if you are interested in working with us.


We conduct research in several areas of computer vision with an emphasis on statistical methods and machine learning. Recent projects include semantic scene understanding, image motion estimation, deep learning, probabilistic models of low-level vision, as well as people detection and tracking. Our lab members have received several awards for their research.

Please see our research page or the list of publications for more information.


We regularly teach courses as well as seminars and labs on topics in computer vision and machine learning. Furthermore, we offer term projects and Bachelors and Masters thesis projects in these areas.


Mathildenhöhe (Photo: Ikar.us, CC BY 3.0 de) – © Ikar.us, CC BY 3.0 de
Mathildenhöhe (Photo: Ikar.us, CC BY 3.0 de)

Our lab is located in the Robert Piloty building, the main building of the Department of Computer Science. Please visit the directions page to find out how to get to us.

Darmstadt is a very livable medium-size city in the Rhein-Main metropolitan area very close to Frankfurt.