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Research Funding

Our lab is currently funded by several agencies. For past funding, please see below.

ERC Starting Grant

Visual Learning and Inference in Joint Scene Models (VISLIM)

Our research lab is supported in a significant part through an ERC Starting Grant.

This ERC-funded project is concerned with the joint estimation of several scene attributes from one or more images, with the aim of leveraging their dependencies. The project covers aspects of modeling, learning and inference (in) such models.

Funding duration: 2013 – 2018




Intel Network on Intelligent Systems (NIS)

Member since 2017

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Smiths Detection

Collaborative research

Funding duration: 2016 – 2018



Faculty Support Program

Funding duration: 2015 – 2017

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Past Projects

The following projects have been completed:



Harvesting Dynamic 3D Worlds from Commodity Sensor Clouds (Harvest4D)

This EU-funded STREP is concerned with harvesting data from commodity sensor clouds, such as cell phones and inexpensive range sensors, for capturing 3D models of our dynamic world.

Partners: TU Vienna, TU Darmstadt, CNR, U Bonn, TelecomParisTech, TU Delft
Funding period: 2013 – 2016

Project page


DFG Research Training Group

Cooperative, Adaptive and Responsive Monitoring in Mixed Mode Environments (GRK 1362)

The DFG-funded Research Training Group addresses fundamental scientific and technological challenges arising from the collaboration of networked autonomous entities that accomplish a common task through actively monitoring the environment and through requisite responses via a variety of stationary and mobile sensors/actuators. The sensing/actuating entities (and the collaborative system thus formed) monitor, acquire, manage and disseminate data with the goal of deriving higher level (context/event) information upon which the system can respond appropriately.

Funding duration: 2006 – 2015

Microsoft Research Scholarship Program

Microsoft Research provided a PhD scholarship to Uwe Schmidt.

Project partners: Microsoft Research Cambridge
Funding duration:
2011 – 2013

German Ministry of Education & Research (BMBF)

Sicherheits-Untersuchungen mittels Röntgenbild-Analyse (SICURA)

This project was concerned with the automatic detection of objects in multiple-view x-ray images.

Project partners: Smiths Detection, U Kaiserslautern, U of Applied Sciences Rhein Main, U Frankfurt
Funding duration: 2010 – 2013

German Research Foundation (DFG)

Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Prize

Funding duration: 2012

Adolf Messer Foundation

Adolf Messer Prize

Funding duration: 2011