Completed PhD Dissertations

The following PhD dissertations have been completed in the Visual Inference Lab:

Name Year Title
Marius Cordts 2017 Understanding Cityscapes: Efficient Urban Semantic Scene Understanding
Uwe Schmidt 2016 Half-quadratic Inference and Learning for Natural Images
Christoph Vogel 2015 Robust and Accurate 3D Motion Estimation under Adverse Conditions
Anton Milan 2013 Energy Minimization for Multiple Object Tracking
Stefan Walk 2012 Multi-Cue People Detection from Video
Ulf Blanke 2010 Recognizing Complex Human Activity Based on Activity Spotting
Mykhaylo Andriluka 2010 Detection, Tracking and Pose Estimation of People in Challenging Real-World Scenes
Paul Schnitzspan 2010 Conditional Random Fields for Detection of Visual Object Classes