Advanced Topics in Machine Learning

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Advanced Topics in Machine Learning

Summer Semester 2016

The seminar concentrates on reviewing the latest developments in machine learning by reviewing topics and papers from the last few NIPS, ICML and AISTATS conferences. The seminar is focused on PhD students but outstanding master students are also welcome to join. There will be different topics presented by groups of 2-3 team members. The presentation of each topic should take approximately 60-90 minutes and should also include a review of the relevant background that are needed to understand the presented topics. PhD students should present once a year (every second semester).

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Module no. 20-00-0804-se
Event type seminar (S2, 3CP, 2SWS), elective
Being taught irregularly
Time TBA
First class TBA
Location TBA
Lecturer Prof. Dr. techn. Gerhard Neumann, Prof. Jan Peters, Ph.D., Prof. Stefan Roth, Ph.D.


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