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PhD Graduates

Uwe Schmidt (PhD 12/2016, now PostDoc at MPI for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics)
Christoph Vogel (PhD 05/2015, now PostDoc at TU Graz)
Anton Milan (né Andriyenko) (PhD 05/2013, now PostDoc at the University of Adelaide)
Stefan Walk (PhD 09/2012, now Principal Engineer at Parametric Technology)
Ulf Blanke (PhD 12/2010, now Senior Research Fellow at ETH Zürich)
Mykhaylo Andriluka (PhD 10/2010, now Junior Research Group Leader at MPI Informatik)
Paul Schnitzspan (PhD 09/2010, now Software Development Manager at exocad)

Former PostDocs

Anita Sellent (03/2015 – 08/2016, now at Sirona)

Former Research Assistants

(06/2009 – 09/2014)
Thorsten Franzel (05/2012 – 08/2014)
Qi Gao (01/2009 – 12/2013, now Researcher at the Universität Heidelberg)

Former Visiting Students

Ferran Diego (07 – 11/2009, now PostDoc at the Universität Heidelberg)
J. Javier Yebes (04 – 08/2013, now Machine Vision Engineer at GOBOTiX Ltd.)